Winter is here and we know you are itching to go skiing with your friends and family. We understand that you may be a little skeptical about whether that is the best idea with the pandemic still looming. However, it is possible to have a fun time skiing while staying safe and protecting the ones you love. We have implemented COVID-19 policies to ensure that you remain safe wherever you choose to go skiing this year. Take a look.

Face Masks

You are required to wear a mask and practice social distancing when you are in public places. Children under the age of 11 are exempted from wearing masks as per the WHO guidelines. You can take off your mask when eating, drinking, riding, or skiing.

Lift Tickets

Lift tickets are now available online so you need not worry about huddling with hundreds of people to get one. Be sure to purchase them early so that you do not miss your spot.

Social Distancing

Skiing resorts have implemented changes to further ensure your health and safety on the premises. As such, you will notice additions and alterations to the drop-off areas for skiers. There is also extra spacing in the lift mazes to allow for physical distancing. The number of visitors allowed indoors at a time is also significantly lower than what you are used to.


Ski resort employees are just as committed to your safety as you are. They are required to wear a mask at all times. There is a COVID Action Team that is responsible for the implementation of policies and the training of employees as per the public health guidelines.


Guests can group themselves and ride chairlifts with individuals who are related to them. Parties who aren’t related may share the 3,4 and 6 seater chairs and ensure at least one seat between each person. You are free to choose not to ride with strangers.

Additional Guidelines

• We advise visitors to spend more time outdoors.
• If you aren’t renting resort equipment, we advise you to leave any unnecessary luggage in your car.
• Gatherings in the parking lots and tailgating are restricted.
• You can visit together in groups of no more than ten.
• Ski resort facilities will be cleaned, ventilated, and disinfected as per the COVID-19 regulations.

Enjoy the Snow

You do not have to spend yet another winter cuddled up indoors. Each state has implemented COVI-19 regulations to ensure that you get to enjoy yourself without worrying about your health. Now grab your skiing equipment and get out there!