Vacations matter. In the busy world of the 21st century, vacations serve to relieve stress, help maintain focus, and improve happiness. Picking a vacation destination can be a tricky decision, but, for everyone traveling in the western United States, the choice is clear—beautiful, sunny San Juan.


No, not that San Juan. Our San Juan, in Colorado. The San Juan National Forest, located in western Colorado, covers over 1,878,846 acres (almost 3,000 square miles) of land. Bordered by the Uncompahgre National Forest to the north and the Rio Grande National Forest to the east, this massive expanse of nature is one of the largest in America. Theodore Roosevelt created the forest by proclamation in the summer of 1905, and Barack Obama designated part of the forest as Chimney Rock National Monument in the fall of 2012.


Everybody knows that Colorado is a great destination—with lively residents, a buzzing food scene, and unlimited natural beauty, the state has something to offer every type of traveler. We, however, want to bring San Juan National Forest to your attention—in addition to boasting a range of incredible ski resorts, the Forest is full of hiking trails, climbing walls, and campsites. Tourism is essential to continue conservation efforts; when you travel here, your economic support has real impact.


Therefore, we, the San Juan Ski and Conservation Association, want to bring San Juan National Forest to the top of your travel list. We will profile specific mountains, ski deals, and can’t-miss packages, but also post discussions and blogs about the necessity of forest preservation. Are you the only non-skier in your family? We have a section for you, too.


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