The San Juan National Forest federal lands are managed for multiple uses, and visitors are always asked to respect each other, the environment, and the Forest’s natural resources. Managed by the United States Forest Service, a division of the United States Department of Agriculture, the San Juan National Forest focuses primarily on conversation and recreational efforts.


As part of the Forest conservation effort, San Juan offers a range of educational courses and workshops to encourage respect and reverence toward the environment. These opportunities include classroom visits to local schools, the arrangement of field trips to various parts of the park, and service learning, which allows students to gain first-hand experience in conservation efforts. Guided naturalist hikes occur frequently, and Ranger programs allow visitors to participate in self-guided exploration.


However, visitors to the San Juan National Forest do not need to be from local towns and cities. Travelers from around the world can participate in the forest’s conservation efforts and education—their Winter Discovery Walks are a great way to get to know the area, and they are conducted in partnership with Mesa Verde National Park, the San Juan/Four Corners Native Plant Society, Durango Nature Studies, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Special events occur throughout the year—if you are planning to visit the Forest in the near future, see the Park’s website for upcoming events.